PEN & PISTOL is a distinctive collection of leather essentials, hand-built with only the finest materials. Our creation process is exceptional in that we meticulously craft our designs to draw out the best out of our repurposed material and make it the most practical for every-day use. Our pieces redefine traditional uses of leather accessories and our aesthetic aims at passionate and minimalist designs.

Learn more about PEN & PISTOL — our story, our legacy, our commitment to quality — and you’ll understand why our customers are as dedicated to our products as we are.

How It Started

It all started with a quote, “I’d rather fear a man with a PEN…than any with a sword or a PISTOL,” from The Count of Monte Cristo. This line came to Ralphy Dominguez’s mind many times as he served a lengthy federal prison sentence for running one of the biggest drug operations in New England. It is there where he enrolled in a leather-works shop and discovered a true passion for this artisan craft.

Raised and released in the South Bronx, where most of his peers were either dead or in jail, Ralphy saw little opportunity by the way of low-paying jobs. Ralphy began to draw his own designs, to get back into stitching leather, and ultimately selling those off to friends and relatives for extra income.

When I put pen to paper I felt I was reinventing myself, I was creating a product that didn’t harm anyone, and people actually liked.

In that moment, PEN & PISTOL was born. Ralphy understood that this sense of self-determination could help others choose creativity over crime. Today PEN & PISTOL is a collection of minimalist designs for individuals independent of mass produced brands, whom are actively promoting an honest and fulfilling life.